R Gill Corporation

R Gill Corporation provides full truck load shipments within Canada, and cross border.  Our asset based fleet includes over 50 tractors with a 2:1 ratio for driver/trailer comparability.  R Gill has leveraged strategic relationships with numerous truck load customer’s and/or brokers throughout North America for both spot-quote and recurring business.

We provide transportation services to high level customers that service books of business such as:

 Automotive parts
Show freight
Household Items
Commercial beverages

The benefits are endless when choosing R Gill!.  R Gill Corporation was established in 2011, when three brothers decided to start driving for themselves. They had two trucks, and with small families at home they took a leap of faith to see where their venture would take them.

We treat our staff like family and our customers are an extension of that feeling as well.

Our Staff

Just like our customer needs, we are different, and unique, and full of personality.  This industry presents its own challenges, and so to keep everyone afloat, and our team fresh minded, we make certain  we set aside moments to reset and have fun.  We are committed to providing the best possible resource to our drivers and customers.  As a family run business, we continue to practice the same family values that made us who we are today!